1. Trollplay has closed

    I tried to make the counter change to say “THAT’S ALL, FUCKMONGERS (Thank you.)” after it finished counting down, but that didn’t work out.

    The site has closed. If you’re in a conversation right now, it will continue. Logs are available through their old URLs for a while (I’m not sure how long).

    Here’s a thing I wanted to have ready, but it didn’t work out! I’m backing the logs up so they can be downloaded in RAR archives - more on that by Tuesday. 

    The forums are still up until July 1st. Please use MSPARP - It’s a wonderful site! 

    Thank you for coming. Thank you so much. :’)

  2. Trollplay Closing - June 15th 2013

    Trollplay and the Trollplay Forums are both closing.
    This is a difficult thing for me to write, and it might be a difficult thing for some of you to read. I’m sorry.

    Trollplay will close on June 15th. The Trollplay Forums will close on July 1st.

    Trollplay has been a major part of my life for the past two years, and it’s been so touching and fun to read peoples’ logs and see friendships form on the site and on the forums. Owning the site has taught me so much about programming, web site administration, community relations, and responsibility. It’s been a formative experience, and I’ll certainly never forget it.

    But keeping the site up isn’t cheap. On top of that, my interest in Homestuck roleplaying has waned, and I don’t feel like Trollplay is really necessary anymore. 
    Back when Robert and I started Trollplay, most Homestuck roleplayers used Zingled, a sleepy, Omegle-like chat site. In early 2011, there just wasn’t a very good alternative out there.* 

    But now MSPARP is widely-used and fully-featured, Omegle has a chat tagging system that allows people to find other Homestuck roleplayers easily, and Pesterchum’s latest version includes a random roleplayer matchup system. 
    Trollplay isn’t identical to these other sites, but now there are so many ways to roleplay Homestuck with strangers that we don’t really need it.

    Since the comic will be on hiatus for a while, I think that this is a good time to bring the site to a close. 

    I want to thank everyone who’s used the site in the past, everyone who’s posted on the forums, all of the #trollmegle IRC regulars, everyone who’s donated to help cover server costs, and everyone who’s reading this now. 

    I also want to thank a few people by name!

    Robert, thank you for helping me start the site! I don’t know if I would have finished my version if you hadn’t let me build on your foundation. Thank you, Robert. I feel like we made it to the finish line.
    Timeroot, your revamp of the site was amazing. I’m sure you’re going to have a great career. You’re an excellent programmer. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this site as good as it is.
    Tezukarin, thanks for being on server-reboot duty the past several months, and for letting me run all of my server management questions by you, and just for being you! I feel like this project is one of the things that brought us together. Thank you for being so generous with your time and talents.
    ory, Whatwith, JackNoir, flippingallmyshit, shitletsbeTherapist, MelodiousJustice, MusclebeastDad, KhorneBerzerker, Hear-The-Voices, Bl1ndX3no, AllwaysHallways, Runesby, Kerbilgunnerz, Yolomid, and everyone else from the T1S chat who helped support this project from the beginning: thank you so much. Trollplay really was T1S’s baby. Thank you guys for being there for the birth.
    Bri, Liz, Izaak, Tezukarin again, and Russ: thank you for being there for me when I was awake for 36 hours straight trying to keep the site running in its early days, for supporting me when I whined about coding, and for making me excited about roleplaying. Thank you guys for just being there for me the whole time.

    As stated above, the main site will stay up until June 15th. The forums will stay up until July 1st.  Thank you all so much.


    * I recall hearing that MSPARP went online some time before this, but it was mostly inactive before 2012.

  3. Sorry to ask, but how do we download the PMs?

    There isn’t really a “download PMs” option. You just have to log in here, view the private messages panel, and copy your PMs manually.

    I don’t know of a plugin for MyBB that allows you to press a button and save all of your PMs to one file, so everyone has to do it by hand. I’m sorry. This is the best solution that I could come up with.

  4. Trollplay forums are back

    Hey! The forums are back up. Thanks for your patience.


    Have fun!

  5. The Trollplay Forums

    The forums are down! Sorry. We moved from one host to another in an effort to escape some weird issues with CPU and bandwidth drain, and the issues followed us!

    I’m waiting to hear back from the host providers to re-enable the forums’ account, and then I’m going to try a few solutions (blocking IPs that look like they’re trying to DDOS us, and then failing that, switching from MyBB to SMF). I’ll do my best to keep you all up to date with posts here.

    Here’s a piece of good news: you can recover your old PMs now. Visit http://whoops.undo.it/forums and log in with your username and password as they were as of February 1, 2013. Your PMs should be available under “private messages” as usual.

    Thanks for your patience, and sorry about the trouble!

  6. Trollplay/Forums maintenance successful!

    Hey, guys! It looks like the DNS servers resolved while I was going about my school day, so the Trollplay Forums have been back up since earlier this morning! Furthermore, the maintenance on the main Trollplay site was successful, and log saving is 100% functional once more.

    It looks like the forums’ server move was generally a success. However, there was one issue: private messages were unable to be transferred to the new server!

    Your PMs aren’t gone forever. You’ll be able to recover them and back them up at the beginning of March. I apologize for the issue, but I could not find a way around this. Sorry, guys.

    I hope everyone reading this has a lovely day! Thanks!

  7. Maintenance Complete

    Maintenance is done. The older logs have been cleared away, and new logs are saving again properly. 

    The forums will be back tomorrow.

    Tomorrow, I’ll also link the archives of the cleared logs, just in case you want to go through them. Thanks. Have a good day!

  8. Hey, everyone!

    The reason the logs haven’t been saving for the past few months is because the old logs were taking up too much space on the server. 

    We looked into a few solutions, but the most practical way to handle it at this point would be for us to clear the old logs in order to make room for the new ones.

    Please save any logs that are on the server that you want to keep! We’ll be deleting them on Saturday, February 9th, at around 2AM Eastern. The site will go down for a couple of hours at this time.

    I’m going to try to save the old logs and put them in a series of TAR archives on mediafire. Still, as noted above, please back up any logs that you want to keep: I can’t guarantee that this effort to preserve the logs will be successful.

    Thanks for your time, and thanks for using the site!

  9. Logs

    Hey! We’re having some issues with log saving over on the Trollplay server. What a bummer! It’s like some kind of spooky Halloween nightmare! Aiieee!

    So, bad news and good news with logs.

    First, the bad news: We’re going to have to temporarily delete some of the older logs. But, preserving logs is very important to us. We have them backed up off-site, and we intend to have them back online by this weekend.

    Then, the good news: these log blackouts should be eliminated after we make these changes, and the deleted logs will be restored again! How nice.

    The logs to be deleted are logs 100 through 40,000. If you want or need a log in that range before they’re put back up this weekend, please send an ask to tezukarin. He has copies of the backups, and he’s offered to upload logs for anyone who wants them.

    If you have a log that is outside of the range 100 through 40,000, you don’t have anything to worry about! These logs are pretty old, so any logs from April on to today should remain intact.

    We’ll keep you posted on the details here! Thanks, guys!

  10. What’s Haps?

    We’ve still been plugging away at keeping Trollplay up and running, but there hasn’t been much to report: hopefully, thus explaining the total silence around here since the end of March.

    About a month ago, we enlisted two more people to help reboot the server when it crashes. Those two individuals are Tezukarin and shitsletsbeTherapist. Tezukarin often posts updates when he reboots the server, so if you’re looking for dashboard alerts regarding Trollplay’s up/downtime, you should give him a follow! (Heck, follow shitletsbeTherapist, too, if you want to follow a dude with good taste in films.)

    Timeroot recently wrote a script that should automatically reboot the most simple crash, when it occurs. We’re going to be testing that out shortly. (That was so nice of him! What a guy.)

    We’re working on resolving the issues with the logs not saving, but it’s a long, slow, tedious fix (filesystem issues! woe!). But, you know: it’s coming along!

    I think that’s about it! Except to, again, point out this fantroll. And don’t forget to follow MSPARP’s tumblr if you’re interested in Homestuck RPing! It’s a wonderful program run by some really nice people.

    Have fun out there!

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